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Lydia de la Cerda



     Artistic influences have always been a big part of my life.
I come from an artistic family of musicians, actors and other members of the arts, all having a strong influence on me. My mother was into every aspect of crafting, and I would watch her and learn with delight. I became her apprentice as we strengthened our bond.
     My love of painting came from my uncle Sal. He would take my sister and me to parks and have us draw and paint what we saw. He was a very accomplished artist, and at one time owned an Art Gallery in Sacramento, California where we spent many hours.
     However, my overall interest in bold colors and unique design was influenced from my Hispanic roots. I lived in Mexico for several years and spent time in Guatemala. I was born in California and lived there for many years. I have lived in Florida for over 30 years with my husband Luis who is a great supporter of my work. We have a son Roberto who is married and lives in North Carolina.
     Although my career choice was in the field of banking, I spent my free time developing my artistic skills. Painting has been my passion and a special focus. I was fortunate to attend numerous classes and seminars through the years, taught by so many amazing and skilled teachers. This helped me further develop my own talent and vision. My dedication to painting and the arts over the last 20 years has allowed me to express myself and create many beautiful works of art. Sharing this creative expression with so many others has been so fulfilling and I look forward to the next 20 years.
     I am a proud member of The Society of Decorative Painters, Coral Springs Artist Guild, South Florida Artist Association, Sunstrokes, Artserve, Southern Handcraft Society and Broward Artist Guild.

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